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High Zone has a perfect product inspection system and a group of professional inspector and specialized test equipments.

According to AQL standard, IQC will inspect the raw materials and semi-finished products for each batch. Storage with pass lable and stamp after inspection passed. Production department will use the materials based on the product qualified mark to ensure the quality of materials; Before the cable storage in the warehouse, FQC will inspect as AQL standard, and random check for every 1000pcs, and all random samples need pass the pull test of 3Kg, 5000 times of swing test; The 3.5DC pin passed the salt spray test for 48 hours and 6000 times of plug test; Copper clad aluminum voice coil passed the life test of 72 hours. The main body of Speakers passed the salt spray test of 48 hours, storage after inspection passed. Each speaker passed double inspections (audio test and frequency response test) .

IQC is strictly for raw materials and semi-finished products, fully guarantee the quality of products. During the assembly process, all the equipments are managed under the "Equipments Management Specification" in order to avoid hidden dangers; For the finished products, IPQC will have random inspection in every 2 hours in order to track the defective issues occurred in different time.

FQC will using the "audio tester" and "curve tester" to test the performance and appearance inspection again before packing, so as to avoid glue drying process resulting in poor quality into the next process. During the packaging processing, a staff would be assigned to inspect for any particular complicated process to avoid problems such as leakage of parts or raw materials which resulting in improper packing into the next process. Before delivery, products with packaging will pass the vibration test for 12 hours,and high and low temperature test for 48 hours to avoid damage during transportation.