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1.General Manager, Sales Department make requests for new product based on the needs of the market.

2.Design the outlook of the new products according to the requests, then confirmed by General manager.

3.Make the 3D structural drawing according to the outloo k design which confirmed by General manager.

4.General Manager, Sales Department or Customer will review the 3D drawing,if there is anything non conform to the requirements, designer will revise according to the comments.

5.Design the structure, make prototype and new product specifications sheet.

6.Sales provide the prototype and specification sheet to customer for approval.

7.If customer confirmed the prototype,then this project will go to next stage. Otherwise, we will modify as customers' comments.

8.Start the mold according to the approved design,then make samples and send them to customer for testing and approval.

9.Following process will be the same as OEM process.